San Francisco BA-PIER

Bay Area Professional International Educators Roundtable


Last updated:  Jan. 24, 2018       


(based on the San Diego PIER by-laws with their permission)

Article  I. Name

The name of this organization shall be the Bay Area Professional International Educators Roundtable (BA-PIER).

Article II. Purpose

The purpose of this organization shall be:

A. To aid members in better serving and working with international students and scholars;

B. To assist members in their professional development;

C. To keep abreast of DHS rules and regulations as they affect members;

D. To articulate with local, state, federal, DHS, NAFSA and other relevant organizations on matters of concern to the membership;

E. To promote on-going cultural understanding

Article III.  Membership

Section 1.  The Membership shall be open to any person whose professional responsibilities are in international education.

Section 2.  Membership dues shall be paid per person, not per organization. Dues shall be paid upon becoming a member.

Article IV.  Finances 

Section 1.  The budget of the organization shall be based on revenue generated from membership dues and other projects approved by the Executive Board.


Section 2.  Expenses in excess of $100 shall be approved by majority of the Executive Board.

Section 3.  The treasurer shall present an annual financial  report of the organization at the first meeting of the year. The treasurer may present updated financial reports at other scheduled meetings as requested by the Chair.

Article V.  Officers

Section 1.  The officers of the BA-PIER shall constitute the Executive Board.

Section 2.  The officers of the organization shall be the Chair, Vice-Chair, Co-Secretaries, Treasurer, and Communications Officer.

Section 3.  Eligibility: All officers shall have been an active member of PIER for at least one year. Chair and Vice Chair shall have at least two years experience in international education.

Section 4. Terms of Office: Officers shall serve a two-year term from September 1 of the year elected to August 31, two years later.

Article VI.  Elections

Section 1.  The Chair shall call for nominations for open positions of the Executive Board at the February meeting. After receiving nominations the Chair shall share the nomination ballot with all members at least 30 days prior to the June meeting.

Section 2.  Elections shall be held by written ballot at the June meeting.

Section 3.  Election to office shall be by the majority vote. 

Article VII. Duties of the Officers

Section 1.  The Chair shall conduct the business portion of the PIER meetings;  serve as a moderator and organizer and as a liaison with DHS, NAFSA and any other organizations; and preside over Executive Board meetings. The Chair shall prepare or oversee preparation of a written agenda and announcement for each scheduled PIER meeting. The Chair may appoint individuals to lead projects or activities for the organization, as directed by the membership. The Chair shall determine the place and time of each PIER meeting.

Section 2.  The Vice Chair shall preside over meetings in the absence of the Chair; assist the Chair with any necessary duties. The Vice Chair shall manage the PIER membership, including maintenance of the membership list,  new memberships, distribution of an annual membership directory.

Section 3.  The Secretary(s) shall take minutes at each PIER and Executive Board meetings; provide minutes of the previous meeting for posting to the PIER website and maintain a record of official minutes.

Section 4.  The Treasurer shall maintain financial transaction records; receive revenue and; present financial reports.

Section 5.  The Communications Officer shall maintain the PIER group on LinkedIn and the BA-Pier website.  

Article VIII.  Meeting Schedule

Section 1.   Meetings will be held one week after Thanksgiving on a Thursday, the third Thursday in February and the third Thursday in June.   Meetings strategically placed after NAFSA conferences, so that information and updates can be shared with those members that were unable to attend. 

Section 2.  Role of the Host:  The Host shall make arrangements for meeting facilities and any necessary supplies, collect agenda items with the Chair, and send out meeting announcements, agendas, and logistical information.

Section 3.  The number of BA-PIER members attending a regularly scheduled meeting shall constitute a quorum for election and business purposes.

Article IX.  Parliamentary Authority

The rules contained in the current edition of the Robert's Rules of Order, Newly Revised, shall govern the organization in all cases to which they are applicable and to which they are not inconsistent with these by-laws and any special rules of order  the organization may adopt.

Article X.  Amendments to By-Laws

These by-laws can be amended at any regular meeting of the organization by two-thirds vote, provided that the amendment has been submitted in writing to the membership at least thirty days in advance of the meeting.