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USCIS change of address

USCIS Form AR-11 Change of Address

Beginning March 15, 2011 all Change of Address, (Form AR-11) and Alien’s Change of Address, (Form AR-11 SR) will change filing locations.  Now, you must file all change of address forms at the following address:

Harrisonburg File Storage Facility
Attn:  AR-11
1344 Pleasants Drive
Harrisonburg, VA 22801


Change of address forms mailed to the old location will be forwarded to the new filing location for 45 days beginning March 15, 2011 until April 28, 2011.


You also have the option of notifying USCIS of a change of address online. To change your address online or for more information about USCIS and our programs, visit us at


The law requires that most non-US citizens report a change of address within 10 (ten) days of moving by completing and submitting a Form AR-11 “Change of Address.”

Please note that completing these legal requirements and submitting the necessary forms DOES NOT update an address on any applications or petitions pending with USCIS.  For more information on the address change process and how to update pending cases, please consult “How Do I” Customer Guide, General Information, Series No. F-2.  The How Do I series can be found m the “Resources” tab of the USCIS website

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